Kamis, 01 Januari 2015

Mobile Gaming Controller

Mobile Gaming Controller: Ipega Mobile Wireless Gaming Controller Bluetooth 3.0 for Apple and Tablet PC with Multimedia Keys with black color, now you can play game with a stick in your phone with this new design, feature with bluetooth, you don't have to install anything, play game with a whole new experience with this ipega gaming controller.

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Black Redmi Xiaomi 1S 8 GB

Black Redmi Xiaomi 1S 8 GB: Black Redmi Xiaomi 1S, this smartphones features the same sound technology used by BMW, Bentley, and Rolls Royce. Audio output adapts to the type of headphones that you use, for the best sound, with super crisp display, gorilla glass screen, dual SIM card.

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Zenfone 4 Phone

Zenfone 4 Phone: A400CG Zenfone 4 by Asusu, Intel Dual SIM, pearl white color, fashionable smartphone with vibrant colors. Designed to match your unique style. Capture the most mesmerizing moments of your life with this phone, clear display with gorilla glass screen, dual SIM allowing you to have one device for personal and work needs.

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Black Perforated High Sneakers

Black Perforated High Sneakers: Perforated PU Suede High Top Sneakers by Zalora. Black perforated pu suede upper sneakers, with black color, stitching details, rubber sole, this all black shoes sure look super cool, simple shoes but cool, pair this cool shoes with your black skinny and denim jacket for street style.

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Travel Essentials Brush

Travel Essentials Brush: Travel Essentials Brush by Real Techniques. This Travel essentials brush includes foundation brush, multi task brush for powder, blush and bronzer, domed shadow brush for smoothly shades and defines eyes, and also panoramic case for your brush.

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